ORKIN Canada

Advertising Campaign

ORKIN Canada is a pest control management company. Dealing with both commercial and residential clients, they have many loyal long-term customers who receive regular maintenance. The challenge was to create an advertising campaign that would create awareness about their services to new perspective clients, a younger target audience, and throughout multiple platforms.


Millennials are known as Generation DIY. Whether it be arts and crafts or serious home renovations, we think we can do it all. We like to take on Do-It-Yourself projects because it gives us a sense of self accomplishment, which can sometimes overshadow the ugly truth of how difficult DIY projects really are... and pest control, is not a DIY.

With a campaign highlighting pest removal DIY's gone horribly wrong, I want to  show millennials that pest control & pest removal is not easy & should be taken care of by professionals. The deliverables are a commercial video, a print ad, a mail-out pamphlet, an online contest, and an outdoor installation.


Since this campaign is targeting millennials, these "how-to" ads can also be found online, social media, and platforms of media that DIY-ers specifically use.


Social Media Promo Competition


To further promote the campaign, several "wasp nest challenge" installation stands will be placed throughout cities. The concept of this challenge will daringly  invite people to try and smash the wasp nest, which cannot be destroyed and will instead dispense after-bite balm.