Product Branding

The challenge for this project was to rebrand an already existing product of Canadian whisky. The task was to create a completely new identity, packaging, and to market the product to a different target audience, while still able to sell to the original market.


Within the last 5 years, there has been a large increase of interest in whisky to a younger generation. Thanks to millennials, whisky sales have been going through the roof. Even more so, sales for higher-end brands have significantly shot up. Millennials especially, are craving something with authenticity, heritage and taste, and aren’t afraid to pay a premium for them.

Whisky is known to be the drink shared by a father with his grown son. We are going to change that. MOORES VALOR is a contemporary whisky brand that appeals to a younger generation but is mature enough for those older, has class and style, and never strays far from its roots; traditional with a modern twist.


Mature, sophisticated, and dapper, like the man who drinks it, we are the whisky for the new generation of gentlemen. Contemporary in style but timeless in manner, we know our man is unique in his own ways but will forever have qualities of the one man he admires most, his father. The whisky for the modern gentleman, who can’t wait to share it with his original cavalier. Not bound by tradition, inspired by it.




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Just like the things we value most, our great taste in whisky is also passed down through generations (like the cherished objects in this photo).
Now its your turn to give back, and share what you love and enjoy with previous generations.